Book Your “Kick-off” Party

Maximize attendance and bookings by scheduling your party within the next two weeks. Striking while the iron is hot will yield the best results!

Enroll Online and Obtain Your Unique Associate ID#

Activate your personal site, email and Rep Center for $40 ($20/month thereafter).

Order Your Kit From Your Rep Center

  • Click “Resources” on the top navigation bar.

  • Choose “Kits and Supplies”.

  • After placing your order, e-mail your receipt to your manager.

  • For technical support, email:

Review All The Training Steps With Your Sponsor & 24k Manager

  • Learn and practice your crowd pitch.

  • Learn and practice your host coaching skills.

  • Observe your first 4 parties.

Master the Party Procedures

Work closely with your Sponsor and 24k Manager. Complete the evaluation checklist and obtain your manager’s sign-off that you are ready to run parties on your own.

Plug Into All Training Events, Conference Calls and Webinars

Log in to your Rep Center daily, learn your web tools, and use all the available resources.

Set Your Goals

Commit yourself to developing your skills and to sponsoring at least one (1) new associate per month.

Consistently Share the Opportunity

Chances are you know people who could use extra income and if not they know people who could use extra income. Tap into networks beyond your immediate sphere of influence.

Continually Improve Your Booking & Sponsoring Rates

Target a 30%+ booking rate and at least one (1) new sponsorship enrollment per month.

Identify Your Rising Stars & Help Them Grow Their Businesses; Thereby Growing Your Business

Empower as many people as possible and create long term residual income along the way.